“Wonderful. Luminous. Fields pulls back the curtain on a universe so carefully drawn and set with light that it is easy to forget Arc of the Comet is a work of fiction. . . . .  (a) cast of compelling and eminently relatable characters move through Fields’ firmament like a binary star at once mutually sympathetic and yet sharply defined by the space that separates them. Arc of the Comet is a precisely rendered, vastly conceived masterpiece.”

Owen Thomas, award-winning author of The Lion Trees


“In Conor Finnegan and Tom Mcilweath and their supporting cast of well-defined, lovable characters Greg Fields carefully and thoughtfully captures something quite wonderful: the essence of innocent, youthful discovery and the eventuality of begrudging adult awareness. Had Arc of the Comet not been a brilliant, lyrical novel it could have easily been a song. The kind you would hum all day long. Bravo, Mr. Fields.”

David Welch, WRN

Arc of the Comet, released in 2017, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other major distributors.  Or look for it at your local bookstore.


Greg Fields’s second novel is scheduled for release in 2019. From the quiet farmlands in the south of Ireland during the Irish Rebellion and spanning to today’s complexities, To the Waters and the Wild explores themes of alienation, exile and redemption.

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Greg Fields is the author of Arc of the Comet, a lyrical, evocative examination of promise, potential and loss, published by Koehler Books and set for release in September 2017. Arc of the Comet explores universal themes in a precise, lyrical style inspired by the work of Niall Williams, Colm Toibin and the best of Pat Conroy, who had offered a jacket quote for the book shortly before his death last year.

With a growing reputation as an articulate voice of the human condition, Greg Fields is also the co-author with Maya Ajmera of Invisible Children: Reimagining International Development from the Grassroots. He has won recognition for his written work in presenting the plight of marginalized young people through his tenure at the Global Fund for Children, and has had articles published in the Harvard International Review, as well as numerous periodicals, including The Washington Post and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

He has presented at and participated in numerous symposia focusing on international development, including Stanford University’s Global Philanthropy Forum, The Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award seminar, the Synergos Institute’s University for a Night at the United Nations, the International AIDS Conference and the European Foundation Centre’s general assembly. He has also been an invited participant at the Salzburg Seminar in Austria. Since 2009 he has been President and Senior Advisor of Philanthropy Directions International, a philanthropic consulting firm in Northern Virginia.

Greg holds degrees from Rutgers College and the University of Notre Dame. He lives with his wife Lynn and their son Michael in Manassas, Virginia.