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Join me later this year on the banks of the River Liffey where I’ll be presenting at the 10th Annual International Dublin Writers Festival, September 20-22, 2024

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Through the Waters and the Wild

Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and online sources 

With a lyrical intensity Greg Fields examines themes of exile and redemption in Through the Waters and the Wild. Coursing through several decades, the novel spans the farmlands of Ireland, the Irish Civil War, the corridors of power in Washington, DC, and the interior landscapes against which we all seek to craft identity and meaning. With well drawn, complex characters, a strong narrative arc, and a poetic sense of place, Through the Waters and the Wild addresses the timeless questions, “Where shall I go now? What shall I do?”


Arc of the Comet 

Nominated for 2018 Kindle Book of the Year in Literary Fiction and the Cabell First Novelist Award

Arc of the Comet, a lyrical, evocative examination of promise, potential and loss, follows Conor Finnegan and Tom McIlweath. Over the course of several years, their fates overlap as Finnegan learns the lessons of hubris —through a brilliant college career and then on to Capitol Hill—imposed by an unwillingness to compromise his ideals, while McIlweath struggles with his own fuzzy and indistinct future. First loves, lost loves, friendships crafted in the crucibles of shared space and shared pressures defined their journey. In the process, they come to separate conclusions that place them once again in disparate places, with disparate expectations of what comes next.

Invisible Children.jpg


"...a passionate, comprehensive and well-researched overview." - Peter  Laugharn, The Hilton Foundation

Maya Ajmera and Greg Fields provide the architecture of a new perspective on the global agenda for children, based on a new global web of relationships stemming from the community level.  Arguing that the existing global agenda for children has failed, this book reimagines how society can support the world’s most vulnerable children.  In doing so, Invisible Children identifies and gives voice to the millions of children globally living on society’s margins, while showing a way forward as to how we can best invest in children.

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