Greg Fields is the author of Arc of the Comet, a lyrical, evocative examination of promise, potential and loss, published by Koehler Books and released in October 2017. Arc of the Comet explores universal themes in a precise, lyrical style inspired by the work of Niall Williams, Colm Toibin and the best of Pat Conroy, who had offered a jacket quote for the book shortly before his death. The book has been nominated for the Cabell First Novelist Award, the Sue Kaufman First Fiction Prize and the Kindle Book of the Year in Literary Fiction.

He is also the co-author with Maya Ajmera of Invisible Children: Reimagining International Development from the Grassroots. He has won recognition for his written work in presenting the plight of marginalized young people through his tenure at the Global Fund for Children, and has had articles published in the Harvard International Review, as well as numerous periodicals, including The Washington Post and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. His short nonfiction has appeared in The Door Is A Jar and Gettysburg Review literary reviews.

He was a presenter at the Central Coast Writers Conference, San Luis Obispo, CA, September, 2017, and the Virginia Writers Conference, August 2019. Greg also participated at the Pat Conroy Literary Festival, Beaufort, SC, October, 2017, the San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco, CA, February, 2018, the Twin Cities Literary Festival, October 2018, the Bay Area Book Fair, May 2019, and numerous other local and regional festivals.

Greg may be reached at greg_fields@outlook.com. Complete information about Greg, the books, events and appearances is available at www.gregfields.net.

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