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Greg Fields is an acquisitions editor for Koehler Books.  In this role he has been involved in the recruitment, editing and development of several prominent titles, including Field Blends by Andrew Welch, Philurius College Blues by Ray Carson Russell, and  the award-winning How Languages Saved Me: A Polish Memoir of Survival by Stephanie Naumann,. 


Greg provides editorial services for published and unpublished authors, including Developmental Editing, focusing on a manuscript’s content,  Greg identifies story problems, such as inconsistencies, edits for clarity to make sure the reader can understand the idea the writer is trying to convey, and edits for flow, ensuring that manuscripts don’t feel disjointed or jarring. Developmental editing is sometimes referred to as substantive or structural editing as well.


Included in this work is Copyediting.  Using the Chicago Manual of Style as the standard, Greg edits for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanical or style issues in the writing.  


The best editing is collegial rather than dictatorial.  As an accomplished novelist himself, Greg is sensitive to the personal nature of the creative process.  He works meticulously with each author to ensure that every suggested change is understood and embraced.  The result of this approach creates a better manuscript, but, more significantly, it creates a better writer.


For information on specific projects, including projected fees, please contact Greg through this website, or at

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